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The escapement is much like a release valve. It permits the gradual release of the stored energy from the wound mainspring to pass through the time train, motion works and any other working components such as a calendar mechanism, at a predetermined rate. It is adjusted so that the motion works will allow one rotation of the minute hand around the dial precisely at each hour. The escapements job is to insure the correct time is always displayed by the hands. It does this by allowing the gear train to turn at as accurate a rate as possible. The stored energy flows through and "escapes" from the movement at tiny precise intervals. The escapement is made up of the escape wheel, the pallets and lever,

balance wheel and the balance assembly When adjusted correctly the escapement is capable of an accuracy of a couple seconds per day.

There are many different escapement designs. I hope to cover some of these in the near future but for now we'll concentrate on the lever escapement since that is the escapement used in nearly all modern wrist watch designs. If correctly adjusted the lever escapement is capable of keeping time to within a couple of seconds per day.


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